May 16, 2018

This is the fourth article is a series to help new college graduates.  Congrats!  

Regardless of how many speeches, presentations, evaluations or even interviews you have successfully completed, interviews for that first real job seem much more intimidating. 


May 1, 2018

Recruiting, like many other fields, struggles to keep up with technology.  Which is why Generation Z, the ones graduating from college right now are subject to the PHONE INTERVIEW.  While they could ace a video interview and master a text inquiry, phone interviews case...

April 20, 2018

Getting a job is all about WHO you know.  The secret is NETWORKING!

How many have heard that before?

With that advice, did you begin to network without knowing how to do so efficiently?

I commend upcoming/recent graduates for listening to advice being proactive in their j...

April 17, 2018

Your starting salary matters, a lot.  

Salary negotiation is not an “always” or “never” type of situation as no two scenarios are the same.  My approach as a recruiter was to have an honest dialogue and to pre-close the candidate. However, usually you can, and almost al...

April 17, 2018

When talking with entry-level professionals, they express a bit of dismay at just how difficult it is to get their first post-graduation job in this strong economy. These graduates met society’s expectations of getting a four-year degree, gaining experience through int...

January 20, 2018

This article is a continuation of Here's Why Writing Job Descriptions is a Waste of Time.

Even though I’ve written hundreds, I can’t honestly say that I enjoy writing job descriptions. But unfortunately, just eliminating them altogether isn’t the answer. Companies need...

January 20, 2018

My favorite opportunity as an in-house recruiter is to build a team with a hiring leader. I’m super passionate about high-performing teams! What I’ve seen is an impulse to hire a group of people who are all good at everything….cream of the crop, well-rounded A-Players....

January 20, 2018

Today, and the whole month of May, content is obsessed with Moms. Being a learner, I’ll readily consume almost all of it, except the articles that try to give Moms a salary. Those really get under my skin! comes out with an annual “What’s Mom Worth...

January 20, 2018

If you are an HR professional still writing or requiring hiring managers to write job descriptions, you’re not only wasting your time, but you are wasting theirs as well. Why?

1.) Jobs change too quickly.  I talk with job seekers every day. Why are they looking? Usually...

January 20, 2018

Recruiting is broken. 

I genuinely love what I do though. Not many other professions get to change lives and significantly impact organizations. Recruiting is a fast-paced and constantly evolving world that indulges my constant need to learn. I meet fascinating people a...

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