"I hired Amy to help me accelerate my career.  Amy is exceptional at uncovering strengths and helped me to realize and to leverage my true talents. We worked together to create a consistent brand with my resume, LinkedIn profile, networking strategy and answers to interview questions.  I accepted an offer before the 30-day program concluded!  I highly recommend Amy as a job search partner to accelerate your career!"

- J.S.,  Director of Sales

"I found my dream job, and I couldn't be happier with my results from the Accelerate You! Program. I was very apprehensive about the job search process. I spent two years trying to relaunch my career on my own. I’m educated, licensed, and have solid experience – from 16 years ago. I especially wanted to work part-time, to leave room in my schedule for my growing children. I just didn’t match the requirements in the job postings I found.


I reached out to Amy to help me tell my professional story in a way that would make employers take notice of the valuable experience I have to offer, not my career gap. Amy developed a career strategy – including networking – to reach unadvertised jobs, and it worked.


She provided the tools I needed to figure out what my goals were, then supported me through the process. I sent my resume to three companies and interviewed at two. I received a job offer from the company at the top of my target list within three weeks of sending out resumes. Amy even coached me on salary negotiations, giving me the confidence I needed to ask for what I was worth.


Accelerate You! is beneficial no matter what point you are in your career, but it is specially designed for career transitions. The program is fast paced but very thorough. I highly recommend the program for relaunchers ready to take their job search to the next level."

  - Shelley House, NCARB, Architect


"Amy is an amazing resource when planning your next career move. It had been eight years since I worked full-time. And I had been searching, on my own, for a job for over a year with no success. I reached out to Amy, who had also taken a family hiatus from corporate America, to get her advice on how to successfully re-enter the professional workforce. She provided invaluable knowledge about the current job market and also provided remarkable encouragement. Additionally, she assisted in finding a temporary job for me which was fundamental in allowing me to establish recent and relevant experience. She provided vital data as to the market rate for my skills, which well-equipped me for salary negotiations. Shortly after reaching out to Amy for job search assistance, I landed the perfect position which far exceeded my temporary compensation and my expectations!"  

 - Charlotte S., Executive Assistant


"I made the decision to return to work after 10 years.  Amy coached me through the process of writing a professional resume, interviewing and asking for the salary I deserved.  She gave me the confidence to not accept less because I had taken time off." 

- Dawn B., Social Worker


"Amy helped me think differently about my career and job search.  I found her worksheets and tools thought-provoking and helpful in giving me clarity on what I was bringing to the jobs and the companies to which I was applying.  The Accelerate You! program is 1:1 and customized to me.  With Amy's suggestions, I developed and strengthened my LinkedIn profile by clearly articulating my strengths and experience while conveying my enthusiasm and energy.  I have gained confidence and motivation.  I'm learning networking strategies to find the jobs that are not posted and leveraging Amy's connections.  I've made more progress with Accelerate You! then I did in over six months of looking.  I wholeheartedly recommend Amy's services."

- Versha Anthony, Trade Marketing Director     


“Amy’s advice helped me land my new job with the compensation increase I was seeking.  She talked me through how to navigate salary negotiations with the internal recruiter and hiring manager.  I’m glad I didn’t settle for less!”

-Kristy Dickens, Sales Director


"Amy helped me regain the confidence I needed to land a great job!" 

-Nathaniel B., Product Manager