A Recruiter's Experience as a Candidate and Why I Started AC Talent Consulting

Recruiting is broken.

I genuinely love what I do though. Not many other professions get to change lives and significantly impact organizations. Recruiting is a fast-paced and constantly evolving world that indulges my constant need to learn. I meet fascinating people and get to ask questions and listen for a living. Even reading and writing, which I enjoy, are a part of my every day.

But something is wrong. Why are candidates surprised when they get a status update or any response at all? Why do I get calls asking if a job posting was real or fake, or already filled internally? Why are candidates seemingly desperate for feedback as to why they didn’t get the job? I had someone comment that I gave them the nicest rejection ever. I appreciate that honesty, but why wouldn’t the recruiter be professional, if not a little gentle?

My LinkedIn feed is filled with recruiter bashing, whining about candidates, stories of ghosting, and complaints about the automated processes and lack of human interaction. So, to better understand and empathize, I decided to be candidate.

After writing my resume, signing up for text and email alerts on various websites and creating what seemed to be a hundred passwords, I began to apply for jobs. In the process, I wrote about why I fit the company’s culture, answered questionnaires, solved business problems, took personality tests, completed lengthy applications, researched companies, and customized my correspondence.

During that time, I applied to jobs that didn’t exist, had phone interviews where the recruiter would not divulge the company, was talked out of a position and was told I wasn't qualified because I didn't have agency experience (except I do!). I had my interview time changed...just a few hours before the interview...because someone needed to pick up a free lunch from a client. I took time off to interview for jobs that had already been filled and for ones that didn't even pay. I scheduled phone interviews through remote assistants only to be stood up and not receive a call. I was asked for my SSN and date of birth and quizzed about the date I graduated from college, which really is the question, "How old are you?".

The best example of all? I was called a "slut" by a CHRO. After telling me about his friend, an outstanding networker on LinkedIn, he asked me about my connections. “I have over 7,000, right now,” I replied. "Oh," he laughed, “You’re one of those LinkedIn sluts.” In what universe is that OK? Apparently in recruiting! I left stunned, a bit angry, but overall grateful I had dodged a bullet and that person was not my boss.

My “research” made it very obvious: Recruiting needs transformation.

That’s why I started AC Talent Consulting. It’s time to put people first, for positive interaction, and for professional connections. We focus on mining diamonds (not chasing purple squirrels), transforming teams, and bringing recruiting from panic to proactive.

Learn more about us here: https://cooneyamy.wixsite.com/website

Contact us here: amy.cooney@actalentconsutling.com

About the Author

Amy Cooney is a Recruiter, Career Coach, Talent Consultant, and CEO of AC Talent Consulting. With over ten years of recruiting experience, she knows talent. Because Amy believes in people first, she listens to both clients and candidates to become a trusted partner. As a Career Coach, she helps people accelerate their careers through the Accelerate You! program and with individual coaching. Amy also provides consulting and training to corporate talent acquisition departments in the areas of recruitment strategy, process improvement and operations, and employer branding.

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