Workshops & Consulting

Introductory Workshops (2-4 hours/half day)



Start with Talent Finish With Strength – StrengthsFinder Overview Workshop

People who use their strengths every day feel 6 times more engaged at work and experience 3 times the wellbeing of those who focus on fixing weaknesses.  These courses raise awareness of strengths, unlocking the code to an individual’s natural ways of thinking, feeling & behaving. This career development course is designed for a general audience and can be customized for specialized groups such as corporate teams, non-profit, women’s leadership, faith-based, college students, and others.   



Leading your Team through Strengths

Take your team to the next level by using strengths as the foundation to manage your team. 



StrengthsFinder Workshop for Teams

Teams who focus on strengths see a 12.5% boost in productivity when they focus on their natural talent at work as a group. This workshop examines the strengths of a team through experiential and fun exercises that apply strengths-based concepts. 



Continuing Strengths Workshops (2 hours)



Strengths & Values

Values express our deepest-held beliefs. Unlike our talents, our values can change.  This workshop explores how strengths intersect with values and how to leverage that understanding to gain more productivity and fulfillment.



Being a Strengths Detective

Studies show that we do not know our own strengths.  This workshop helps individuals discover strengths in themselves and others. This course helps to find further evidence of your own strengths as well as helping to uncover strengths in others.  In many instances, we may not know someone else’s talents.  However, with a deeper understanding of StrengthsFinders, we can look for clues. 



Strengths coaching is recommended after workshops and can be done 1:1 or in small teams to continue the culture of using strengths.  Coaching that is purchased with a workshop is offered at a discount.